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    Econz began operations in 1971, pioneering a solution for Laboratory Diagnostic Services (now Diagnostic Medlab), that connected medical instruments directly to a computer and thus avoided manual input by keypunch operators. Over the last thirty-five years, Econz has been involved in a number of world leading projects.

    Here are a few highlights:    The Millenium    Back In The Day

    • July 2023 - Making our customer’s life easier and more efficient is important to Econz. We have engineered a new feature, driven by a national engineering customer, that will allow an administrator or supervisor to load tasks to individual users (rather than needing to allocate tasks via a team). Details available via our recent Maintain Task/Customer List For Workers blog article.
    • June 2023 - Timecard scheduler now offers multiple dashboard view options including 24 hour, 5 day, 7 day, and Project View. Each of these options allows the supervisor to use the view that works best for their needs.
    • April 2023 - Timecard customers now have the ability to edit miles, per diem, travel bonus, and other expenses within an employee’s timecard during the approval process. This offers the supervisor or payroll manager a single screen to address all their editing and approval needs in one place.
    • March 2023 - More offline data capture capabilities including Photo’s, Notes, Yes/No, Waiver Questions, and more as our forms features continue to grow. You can now submit forms either at the end of the task/project activities or at the end of the employee’s shift.
    • January 2023 – iSolved HCM customers can take advantage of having prevailing wage and certified payroll time and attendance data collected within Timecard and transferred (via API sync) into iSolved’s HCM timecard platform to assist with multiple payrates per employee per project and classification.
    • January 2023 – Multi-User Timesheet Approval screen to save managers time when reviewing and approving large groups of team member's time and attendance.
    • December 2022 – Econz Timecard's "Timesheet" feature is now available on iOS and Android devices, allowing employees that clock in and out on our kiosk application or through a crew clock in to access their past timesheets, approve timecards, and their schedule all from their own personal device.
    • December 2022 – Timecard includes a PTO platform feature for mobile users as well as for supervisors which can be used for Creating, Approving, and Rejecting PTO. Two new admin/supervisor reports show total accrued leave and requested leave.
    • November 2022 – Advanced Overtime rules allow our customers nationally and/or globally to create specific over-time rules per team, regions, and per user type.
    • August 2022 – Timecard Checker Application (Kiosk Clock in) allows Californian companies to stay better protected in reference to Meal Compliance via additional new features including notification, alerts and digital attestations.
    • July 2022 - Econz Wireless, a leader in mobile workforce management solutions, has appointed 4Sight Holdings as a distributor of our Timecard products throughout the Middle East, Central Europe, and Africa regions.
    • July 2022 – Selected Econz Wireless customers are trialing a new BETA version of the fully updated and refreshed Timecard mobile app, this update is specifically for customers interested in scheduling and dispatching of jobs for their mobile staff. This updated Timecard application will be publically available on iOS and Android in the near future.
    • June 2022 - Canadian Landscape customer’s can now put away their calculators and marco’s and start completing their 4 week calendar rolling overtime calculations, within the Timecard solution.
    • May 2022 – Timecard customers can now take advantage of multiple mileage reports to help reduce fuel reimbursements
    • March 2022 – Econz Wireless adds additional Timecard approval levels, including now a General Manager for our customer’s requiring multiple approval levels within their organization.
    • January 2022 – Healthcare and other Temporary Agencies can now allow their clients to approve temp staff’s time and attendance “Third Party Approval” through their client’s mobile device and/or through the Timecard dashboard.
    • December 2021 – Econz customers can now take advantage of our newly improved PDF design and output enhancements for digital transformation capture.
    • November 2021 – Payspace customers can now take advantage of “Mobile Punch To Payroll” with the Payspace and Econz Timecard API integration, including bi-directional data that has been commercially release.
    • October 2021 – California customers can now take advantage of their recommendations with our “Second Generation Reports” including our California Meal and Rest v2 and Timecard Shift Details and Clock out Questions Report v2.
    • September 2021 – iSolved customers can now capture time and attendance information via the Timecard solution and have their field staff’s time and attendance information transferred into iSolved payroll via an import file.
    • August 2021 – Customer can now utilize our smart fence clock in, out, and change task feature to allow their field staff to change locations, clients, and jobs by entering and exiting a smart fence location which requires very little interaction for their field staff to capture information related to job costing and payroll.
    • July 2021 – Econz is continuing to add additional Meal and Rest features including notifications, alerts, digital signatures and reporting to help our customers protect their businesses against Meal and Rest Violations.
    • June 2021 – Additional Web Service API’s available to assist customers and partners with integrations into their Payroll, CRM and ERP systems.
    • April 2021 - Additional Timecard Checker (Mobile Kiosk Time and Attendance) features including notifications through text and email to employee devices when Rest and Meal period are approaching.
    • March 2021 – Sage customers can now take advantage of our new Sage 300 Business Management Software Report.
    • February 2021 – Now available over 40 reports within the Timecard system that can be reviewed, printed, exported, and scheduled to be received through email and SFTP.
    • January 2021 – Viewpoint customers can now take advantage of our new ProContractor Accounting Software Report for transferring job costing information.
    • December 2020 – Timecard Supervisor application adds additional Timesheet approvals of their staff as well as view past GPS trail history on an Android or Apple iOS devices.
    • September 2020 – Timesheet Approval System includes additional levels of approvals with digital signatures and multiple reports.
    • May 2020 – Timecard Checker (Mobile Kiosk) includes digital forms to assist with Covid-19 Assessment Forms at clock in and clock out (if needed).
    • April 2020 – Covid-19 Assessment Forms introduced at employee clock in with alerts, digital signatures, and PDF output to help our customers protect their field staff as well as their customers.

    • May 2019 – Timecard Supervisor application now includes team members viewing of GPS breadcrumb trails as well as Time Sheet approval, all from their Apple iOS or Android smartphone device.
    • April 2019 – 5 additional reports are available on the Timecard dashboard to allow more real-time decisions by managers and HR staff.
    • March 2019 – New Meal and Rest Compliant Report available to better help companies protect themselves against state labor violations.
    • February 2019 – Timecard form enhancements allow customers to customize the output of their PDF’s.
    • February 2019 – Three new photo capture reports available, including information from clock in, rest, meals, clock out, and form photos.
    • January 2019 – Econz Wireless mobile workforce management application integrates Meal periods into GeoTab for DOT compliance.
    • December 2018 – New Web Service SOAP APi enhancements allow customers to pass more data in and out of the Econz Wireless Workforce Management Solutions.
    • November 2018 – Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite applications help Healthcare companies with their EVV requirements for Medicare personal care site visits.
    • September 2018 – New Mileage Reports Available to help Preventing Employee Mileage Reimbursement Fraud. Most customers are seeing a 14% reduction in mileage claims after deploying Econz mobile time, attendance, and GPS Applications.
    • August 2018 – Econz becomes a National Beer Wholesalers Association Associate Member and will have booth #212 at this year’s NBWA's 81st Annual Convention, taking place Sept. 23-26, 2018, in San Diego, California.
    • July 2018 – Wearable Android and Apple iOS devices are now a support option for Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite users.
    • July 2018 – Timecard GPS applications now include a California Meal and Rest PDF document to help companies protect against Department of Labor violations.
    • May 2018 – Anheuser Busch and MillerCoors Distributors are now seeing the ROI of Econz Wireless’s Timecard applications which include Reduce Time Theft, Increased Productivity, and Reduce Mileage Reimbursement.
    • April 2018 – California Overtime Rules and Additional Business Hours now make it even easier to be alerted of overtime and also include additional overtime calculations in reports for time, attendance, and payroll needs.
    • April 2018 – New State of California Premium Pay Reporting available as one of our 35 available Timecard reports that can be run manually or scheduled daily, weekly, monthly. This report was developed to help California companies protect against Rest and Meal Labor Law Suits.
    • March 2018 – Sage customers can now access and transfer Timecard data into Sage 100 and 300 through CSV file upload.
    • March 2018 – Now have the ability to review thousands of jobs both on a device and/or through our search key.
    • February 2018 – Timecard Checker now available for customer to turn their mobile devices into a virtual time collection Kiosk to clock in 100’s of employee on a single device (Android and Apple iOS).

    • November 2017 – Econz Wireless to attendance California Beer and Beverage Distributors (CBBD) to showcase our new distribution specific enhancements of Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite.
    • September 2017 – Econz Wireless helps Anheuser Busch Distributor streamline their payroll and reduce over-time - “We use Econz’s Mobile Timecard GPS application for our payroll and to have visibility of our mobile staff’s movement throughout the day. The application has helped our HR team complete payroll in a matter of hours and it’s even helped us reduce 400 hours in over-time hour during one of our business months”.
    • September 2017 – Approving time by an Office Administrator, Project Manager, Payroll Manager, Small Business Owner, etc. within the Timecard portal has now gotten even easier with our new approval enhancements and group editing of time.
    • September 2017 – Sick and Leave Time Mobile Requests and Approvals now available in Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite.
    • August 2017 – Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite customers can now allow their mobile field staff to review their time worked, edit time, as well as approve time worked with a digital signature all from their mobile Android and/or Apple iOS device.
    • July 2017 – Econz introduces a new Supervisor application “Timecard Supervisor” that will allow small business owners, supervisors, payroll managers, project managers, etc. the ability to view their field staffs current GPS location and activities on an Apple iOS or Android 4.4 and above device.
    • June 2017 – Econz launches their “Clock in Lock” enhancement that restricts a mobile worker from clocking into a job or activities unless they are within a specific distance of that job’s location to reduce time theft.
    • May 2017 – Timecard GPS is not just about capturing Mobile Time, Attendance, and GPS data anymore with the new launch of our Forms feature. The form feature allows an Econz customer to create forms and/or daily reports that can be either required or manually entered during the mobile workers day.
    • April 2017 – Migrated all server and hosting infrastructure to AWS.
    • April 2017 – Carlos Saborio provides San Jose Chambers of Commerce Live Time, Attendance, and GPS Discussion around deploying a successful mobile workforce management solution for Small and Medium Size businesses.
    • March 2017 – Remote Metering Solutions (RMS) is a multi-level organization, focused solely on the Utilities and Energy Management Environment launches Timecard GPS.
    • March 2017 – Marish Medical Manager see return on investment by deployment of Timecard GPS application - “Since introducing the Econz Wireless Timecard GPS application, we have not only saved on fuel costs and other expenses, but we can spot a fraudulent claim immediately.”
    • February 2017 – Econz Wireless launches Timesheet Digital Signature Approve and many other new features in latest Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Release.
    • January 2017 – Econz Wireless launches Timecard GPS Photo ID to stop Time Theft.

    • December 2016 – New feature Blog available to keep customers in the loop on new features of the portal/.dashboard and our mobile applications.
    • November 2016 – Econz Wireless Releases a New Build for Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite – a New Standard in Mobile Employee Tracking.
    • September 2016 – Eservice and Timecard now available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese's.
    • August 2016 – Metro Telworks deploys Timecard GPS and enables network strength testing across Africa.
    • May 2016 – Econz Wireless GPS Workforce Management Solutions for Security Sales, Installation and Maintenance Staff now available.
    • March 2016 – Econz Wireless Saves HR Professionals, Payroll Administrators and Workforce Managers Thousands of man hours annually.
    • February 2016 – Marltons Pet Care Products select Timecard GPS for their sales staff mobile Time, Attendance, and GPS tracking needs.
    • January 2016 – New Agile development approach focused on customer satisfaction and to accelerate the release of new features for Timecard and Eservice.

    • October 2015 – Econz Wireless Extends Photo Capture and Digital Signature Features to Timecard GPS Android Application. 
    • September 2015 – Econz Wireless has signed Marltons Pet Care Products and Accessories to track their national sales team with Econz Timecard GPS. 
    • May 2015 – Chatz Connect Tracks Sales Team with Econz Wireless Timecard GPS application.
    • September 2015 – Econz Wireless Releases Photo and Signature Capture to Eservice GPS.  
    • May 2015 – Chatz Connect Tracks Sales Team with Econz Wireless Timecard GPS application.
    • May 2015 – Econz Wireless Timecard GPS, Timecard GPS Lite, and Eservices can take advantage of Android Lollipop - the latest version of the Android mobile operating system.
    • April 2015 – Upgraded Eservice GPS release available on Apple iOS and Google Play.
    • April 2015 – Paying the Pointsmen article in Hi-tech Security Solutions Magazine.
    • January 2015 – Updated Eservice application available for download on Apple iOS devices.

    • November 2014 – New release of Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite available for download on Android devices.
    • November 2014 – Econz Wireless and Red Ticket Technologies Partner to Offer One-Stop Time and Attendance Solutions.
    • October 2014 – Powafix chooses Econz Wireless Mobile Timecard Lite application to Track Merchandiser Staff.
    • September 2014 – Carlos Saborio of Econz Wireless, featured in Mantenimiento Magazine – "New Age of Mobile Applications through Location Based Services."
    • September 2014 – Econz Wireless Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite users see top notch battery life from the Motorola Moto X 4.4 Kit Kay and Motorola Moto G with 4.3 Jelly Bean releases.
    • August 2014 – Econz Eservice GPS, a mobile dispatch application has an updated release available for download on Android devices.
    • July 2014 – Econz Wireless applications support Android 4.4 Kit Kat updated release which is now available for selected Android devices.
    • July 2014 – Smart Traffic Management – Traffic Free Flow streamlines the allocation of pointsmen on roads and saves time and money with the deployment of Econz Wireless Timecard GPS Lite Application.
    • May 2014 – Wireless to Show Enterprise-class Time and Attendance Solutions at Enterprise Mobility Forum (EMF), 28-29 May 2014.
    • May 2014 – Econz Wireless and Hisense Mobile have partnered to deliver the full suite of Econz mobile time and attendance management solutions on the Hisense range of Android smartphones.
    • March 2014 – Econz Wireless launches Blackberry staff management apps.
    • March 2014 – Where the rubber meets the road - Leader Tread uses Econz Wireless Mobile Timecard to track Sales staff.
    • February 2014 – Purple Surgical Chooses Econz Wireless Timecard GPS Lite to increase sales effectiveness and performance.
    • January 2014 – Econz Wireless partners with Rugged Phones to offer full mobility in tough environments.

    • October 2013 – Customers can now see the benefits of Timecard GPS and Timecard GPS Lite by downloading these applications on a Samsung Convoy 3 available through Verizon Wireless.
    • July 2013 – Timecard GPS a Pre-Load Application is now available for download on U.S. Cellular Kyocera DuraPro device.
    • June 2013 – New Google Mapping deployed by Econz Wireless for customers including 3-D images.
    • June 2013 – Econz Wireless GPS applications now available on BlackBerry Z10.
    • May 2013 – Econz becomes Silver Partner in Samsung's Enterprise Application Program.
    • April 2013 – Timecard GPS, Timecard GPS Lite, and Eservice available on Apple iOS 6.
    • February 2013 – Econz Wireless launches new Google scalable mapping feature for customers using Timecard GPS Lite and Timecard GPS.
    • January 2013 – Econz Eservice GPS, a mobile dispatch application, is now available for download on Apple iOS devices.

    • November 2012 – Additional Web Service API's available to Econz customers to develop and transfer data into 3rd party systems.
    • September 2012 – Econz Wireless partners with GPS TimeCenter to provide a seamless integration between Econz mobile Timecard and SwipeClock's online Time and Attendance solutions. This integration will allow GPS TimeCenter to interface into over 150 different payroll software providers automating the Econz system from “PUNCH to PAYROLL”.
    • August 2012 – Econz Timecard GPS Lite and Econz Eservice GPS are approved for download on AT&T Wireless devices.
    • August 2012 – Econz Eservice GPS, a mobile dispatch application, is now available for download on Android devices and Tablets.
    • July 2012 – U.S. Cellular customers are now able to download Econz Timecard LBS Lite on standard cell phones, BlackBerry and Android devices.
    • March 2012 – Econz Wireless releases Timecard Lite a GPS tracking application that enables businesses to monitor movements of employees and assets. Location, GPS Perimeters, Mileage, Idle Time Triggers and Speed Triggers are all part of Timecard Lite.
    • March 2012 – Econz Wireless now offers Timecard GPS in the language of French.  Econz Wireless has developed their web portal and handsets in French for customers in Canada and in Europe who's primary language is French.  Econz Wireless bilingual customer support center now offers support in English, Spanish and French languages. 
    • February 2012 – Econz Wireless partners with Bell Mobility of Canada to offer Econz Wireless business mobile solutions to Bell Mobility customers.  This partnership highlighted by promotion around Bell Mobility Smart Phones and Econz Wireless Timecard GPS application.
    • January 2012 - Econz Wireless partners with Viewpoint Software to enable businesses to streamline their mobile time and attendance data into Viewpoint Software for live reporting and data processing.

    • December 2011 – U.S. Cellular customers can now see the benefits of Timecard GPS by downloading the application on their Android devices.
    • December 2011 – EService provides a fully integrated solution with Xero (the online accounting package). It is a simple and easy to use process to push your completed EService jobs directly into Xero for invoicing.
    • October 2011 – Timecard GPS is now available for download on iPhone and iPad around the world through Apple App Store. Timecard GPS can be downloaded through the Apple App Store by searching Timecard GPS.
    • October 2011 – Econz Wireless is proud to announce the new mapping feature of Google satellite mapping for review of field workers GPS tracking information for both Timecard GPS and Eservice GPS applications.
    • October 2011 – Timecard GPS is now available on the new Sonim XP3300 device around the world.
    • September 2011 – T-Mobile customers can now see the benefits of Timecard GPS by downloading the application on their Android, Sonim, and BlackBerry devices.
    • August 2011 – Timecard GPS is now available for download on Android devices including Tablets. Timecard GPS can be downloaded through the Android Market Place by searching Timecard GPS.
    • July 2011 – Timecard GPS now available for download on Android Devices and Tablets through Google Android Market in every country around the world.
    • July 2011 – U.S. Cellular Partners with Econz Wireless to provide Timecard GPS offering to their wireless customers.
    • July 2011 – Healthcare Industry Benefits from Using Econz Wireless Mobile Home Healthcare Time Card Application http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110718005011/en/Healthcare-Industry-Benefits-Econz-Wireless-Mobile-Home
    • July 2011 – Construction Industry Takes Advantage of Econz Wireless Employee Tracking and Mobile Time Card Solution http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110714005028/en/Construction-Industry-Takes-Advantage-Econz-Wireless%E2%80%99s-Employee
    • May 2011 – Sprint Timecard GPS customers will now be available to have Timecard application billed directly on their Sprint bill through Sprint Biz App Marketplace.
    • May 2011 – Econz Wireless adds additional portal features including: Rounding Rules for Time and Attendance, Additional GPS reports (Mileage and Address trails) and Supervisor alerts.
    • April 2011 – Timecard and Eservice GPS are now available to be downloaded in United Kingdom, South Africa, Europe, Canada,Australia, New Zealand and Central/South America on multiple mobile devices.
    • March 2011 – Econz Wireless partners with NPP (National Purchasing Partners) to offer members additional discounts on setup fees.
    • Feb 2011 – Timecard and Eservice GPS application is now available on Sonim's XP3300 Force GSM mobile rugged cell phone in over 50 countries.
    • Jan 2011 – Econz Wireless partners with UPG(Unified Purchasing Group) to offer members additional discounts on setup fees.
    • Jan 2011 – Econz Wireless opens office in Central Colon, downtown San Jose, Costa Rica to support sales and customer support efforts in Central and South America.

    • December 2010 – Econz Wireless now offers Bluetooth Barcode Scanning on both Timecard and Eservice products.
    • November 2010 – Econz Wireless customers are saving on average 60 percent on payroll processing by deploying Timecard on wireless devices to their mobile worker handsets.
    • October 2010 – Econz Wireless customer deploys integration into SAGE Timberline Office to reduce operating expenses and streamlines Time and Attendance.
    • September 2010 – Econz Wireless deploys customer integration into Foundation Software to help construction customers save on capturing time, attendance, and cost code information in the field.
    • August 2010 – Econz Wireless deploys Web and Administration log in/out capabilities for a complete time and attendance solution.
    • July 2010 – Econz Wireless forms partnership with Microe Pty Ltd. to offer Timecard and Eservice applications throughout Australia.
    • April 2010 – Econz Wireless Mobile "Timecard" Helps Document Federal & State Wage-Hour Laws, (BUSINESS WIRE ). Econz Wireless, a Leader in Mobile Business Solutions, is promoting their "Timecard" product , to Capture Mobile Time and Attendance in compliance with Federal and State Wage-Hour laws. Read Full Press Release...
    • April 2010 – Econz Wireless Launches Mobile Time Card Television Advertising Campaign. ORANGE, Calif. Econz Wireless, a leader in Mobile business solutions, kicked off their National Television Ad Campaign promoting their cost effective mobile time card application “ Timecard ”. Starting on the east coast and working their way west throughout the year, Econz Timecard commercial can be seen on Networks like CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, ESPN and Discovery Channel. The 15 second commercial can be viewed on www.youtube.com by searching Econz Timecard. Read Full Press Release...
    • March 2010 – Econz Wireless now integrates into over 100 Accounting and Payroll Packages enabling real-time exchange. Data collected on a mobile device(Time, Attendance,Job Tasks, Breaks, Cost Codes and Custom Fields)is now easily forwarded to Econz Wireless Customer's 3rd party Payroll and Accounting Software.
    • Jan 2010 – Econz Wireless goes Global with their Timecard and Eservice products. Econz Wireless now offers Timecard on Blackberry Tours and Nokia E71's on a global basis.

    • Nov 2009 – Econz Timecard deploys Google Mapping for more accurate street locations and more robust mapping. Econz now provides existing and potential customers with the latest mapping from Google Maps.
    • Aug 2009 – ADP, Accordant and Econz Wireless Workshop. ADP, Accordant, and Econz Wireless provide workshop to share cost savings on Mobile Time, Attendance and cost code information.
    • May 2009 – Econz Timecard is also now available on BlackBerry devices. Econz Wireless is now available on Blackberry devices. Timecard is available both in a GPS and NON GPS version that includes Team Clock-in and other features.

    • Dec 2008 – Jensen Builders announces an estimated savings of $350,000 using Econz Timecard in the year 2008... Jenson builder estimated a cost savings of over $350,000 by deploying Timecard to his Supervisor's/Crew Leaders enabling them to clock in multiple team workers.
    • Jul 2008 – Econz Wireless forms partnership with ADP Payroll. Econz forms partnership with ADP to provide mobile time and attendance information directly into ADP's ezLabor.
    • Feb 2008 – Econz Timecard a big hit at the 2008 Las Vegas World of Concrete exhibit. Econz Wireless showcases their mobile time, attendance, and tracking application at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

    • Jan 2007 – Econz Wireless announces the addition of LBS Tracking to Timecard. Econz's Timecard LBS application is now available for on cell phone handsets. The LBS tracking feature include location, request current position, speed, idle time and other tracking options.

    • Nov 2006 – Wolf Mobile purchases Econz Wireless Timecard and Eservice products. Wolf Mobile purchases assets for Econz Wireless Timecard and Eservice products to be distributed under the Econz Wireless brand.

    • America's Cup – Econz provided the technology that gathered and transmitted positional data and on-board weather conditions from the racing yachts to shore via the Telecom mobile CDPD network in 2000, and again using CDMA in 2003. The data was used to produce real time graphics for television and Internet viewing.
    • NRMA (Australia) – Econz implemented a Computer Aided Dispatch System for the NRMA'sEmergency Roadside Assistance vehicles including mapping, GPS, job dispatch, monitoring and automated escalation.
    • Downers Australia – Econz implemented a job management and dispatch system that automated, streamlined and managed their entire job dispatch process.
    • Econz Wireless Cellphone Products – Econz introduces EService and Timecard, low-cost cellphone-based work management and worker productivity solutions. 

    • Telecom – Econz deployed a number of solutions including the Telecom Cable Faults Dispatch system, the Telecom Sealink with ship-to-shore phone link, and the Telecom National Faults super project which connected 1500 vehicles to the National Test System. This system achieved the target of 99.999% up time.
    • Fletcher Challenge Forests, Logging and Dispatch Division – Econz implemented a computer aided dispatch and management system to manage the entire logging distribution process.
    • CourierPost – Econz designed a nation-wide data dispatch system including a world first hand-held digital signature-capture device, allowing web-based viewing of signatures in near real-time.
    • Royal Automobile Club Queensland, Australia – Econz installed a job dispatch and management system involving real time updates from the field.
    • St John Ambulance – Econz designed and built consoles and interfaced them with phone and vehicles. This was Econz' first radio-based fleet dispatch system and it was achieved using an entirely analogue radio network. The system remained in use by St John Ambulance for over a decade.
    • Auckland Co-op and Blue Star Taxis – Econz designed and built New Zealand's first computerised Taxi Dispatch systems.
    • Auckland Electric Power Board – Econz designed a secure digital system of communications for field staff that enabled job information to be sent to in-vehicle printers.
    • Automobile Association – Again, Econz designed and built a fully-automated dispatch system with call-taking, computer dispatch via radio to mobile terminals, and a map display showing location of vehicles and jobs.
    • Econz designed and built New Zealand's first commercially-available microprocessor-based product – a laboratory differential-counter.
    • Temperzone – Econz automated the operation of lathes and drilling machines with the use of a computer interface.
    • ‘Black Box' interfaces – Econz produced many flavours of computer-to-device interfaces, including CompuTelex – allowing nation-wide and international messaging between computers. A pre-cursor to email!
    • NZ Trotting Association – Econz connected Trotting Clubs throughout New Zealand to the central headquarters in Christchurch using phone-lines – one of New Zealand's early modem-based data networks. This allowed the publishing of race cards with information on the field and drivers to be automated. Prior to this the information had been forwarded by phone or mail.


    Like you, we're always looking to the future and improving our products and capabilities. Whenever we've got something to shout about, we'll post it here so that you can keep up with the latest developments, and see how we're helping your business ahead of the curve.

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    "Our company suffered a significant financial loss due to Meal Period violations and over-time pay violations. Econz Timecard has provided the necessary tools to help us be compliant with wage-hour laws and furthermore, help protect our company from any other potential litigations and/or class action law suits."

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