Remote Metering Solutions

Remote Metering Solutions (RMS) is a multi-level organisation, focused solely on the Utilities and Energy Management Environment but also expanding into the Revenue Management sector.

RMS has been active in the Utility Management industry for the past 7 years, the Metering Industry for over 25 years and the Energy Efficiency industry for more than 12 years. They have an exemplary track record with some of the largest listed property funds as well as large private clients.

RMS is one of the few companies globally that have the full range of technology, systems, skills and knowledge to provide a holistic, comprehensive utility management solution across the entire value chain. The strategy is based on the premise that at the end of the day, the customer is only interested in having their problems solved holistically and not in bits and pieces.

Their services include installation and continued utility management for investment properties. gated communities / security complexes, municipal revenue management and meter and consumption Information.

With offices in Pretoria, Sandton, Durban and Cape Town and a staff compliment in excess of 100 people, RMS is well positioned to manage the entire process across the total client portfolio on a national basis.

Jan Dekker, Operations Manager at RMS says monitoring their own field workers has been an issue for the company; “Our meter readers and installers are out in the field for at least a month at a time and so we rarely get to see them. They mainly use their own transport and we need to know they have been to the correct location, to substantiate their fuel claims we need to know which route they took, and if they have actually read the meter or completed the
installation or repair job.”

As with all private properties, practically all municipalities are faced with the dilemma of revenue management in terms of being able to account for what has been sold versus what has been supplied. RMS functions as a regulator between the municipality or landlord and the consumer, to insure that every consumer gets billed correctly and fairly.

“Conflict over meter readings and billings are a constant problem across South Africa,” Dekker says. “In addition, because we supply and maintain large systems in gated communities, campus buildings, and other properties, we must maintain good relationships and customer service.”

“The clock-in/out feature, Google Mapping GPS breadcrumb trail, and web-based reports show us immediately the location of the employee and the route they took. This has eliminated issues about hours worked and reduced fuel costs,” says Dekker.

Using Econz Wireless Timecard GPS, Dekker says the company realised some immediate benefits.
“We drew up an employee agreement with the company stating the use of Timecard GPS was a management tool and communicated this to our field staff. Any resistance (which was minor) was perceived as them having something to hide, so we undertook further explanations and communications.

“The clock-in/out feature, and the breadcrumb trail web-based reports show us immediately the location of the employee and the route they took. This has eliminated issues about hours worked and reduced fuel costs,” says Dekker.
RMS also uses the Timecard GPS Job Card system and can now send a technician nearest to the customer site to fix whatever problem has been reported. It also issues job numbers.

“Within three months we have seen a real change in attitude in our field workers,” Dekker says. “Because there’s no time wasted on tagging meters, repairs, installations and travel, the guys are finished quicker and earlier and asking us for extra work! This means everyone benefits and our customer satisfaction has increased. Timecard GPS has delivered what we needed to increase productivity and reduce costs on fuel and time delays.”