It is widely accepted globally that “you are only as good as your product”. But if you are operating in the services sector, it should be “you are only as good as your last quality of service”.

Delivering service excellence can be a challenge to any type and size of organization. Whether you are a large Telecoms network provider, a local municipality delivering waste disposal, or a bank with hundreds of ATMs providing cash and services, to not only your own customers, but often the customers of your competitors, knowledge is the key to success.

Typically, small businesses start out owner-operated and if successful, grow to more staff, more field workers, more vehicles and more headaches. At the end of each day, as a business owner or manager, you want to know if your service team has:

  • Been on time (and sometimes in uniform)
  • Represented your company in the correct way
  • Performed the job quickly and efficiently to the customer’s satisfaction
  • Reported back that the job is finished
  • And is now able to move to next job in line

But there’s more! You also want to know:

  • Did they get to their destination via the shortest and most fuel and time efficient route
  • Did they have any parts needed
  • Were they actually at the correct place
  • How long did they take
  • Was the job done to the customer’s satisfaction
  • You also want to know if they did indeed work overtime, took too long a break or, even, absent.

Time theft is estimated to cost organisations up to SIX weeks per year. You can stop this in its tracks, take corrective action, increase productivity, and enhance your company’s service reputation.

So whether you have 5 or 500 field service staff, we have a solution that meets your needs and your budget. Your Return on investment may be calculated here