Sales and Marketing managers across the globe all report similar concerns:

  • Where are my staff?
  • Are they actually visiting our customers?
  • Are our customers getting excellent service?
  • Are my customers’ needs being met?
  • Why aren’t we hitting our monthly, quarterly targets?
  • How do I cope with under-performing sales staff?
  • Why are our fuel costs so high?
  • Where are their timesheets, customer sales reports, expense claims? Are they accurate?

And many more.

Your salespeople are often the only company representative the customer gets to see. Your company’s reputation is often only as good as your sales team.

In addition, you have HR and Payroll on your back because timesheets are illegible, expenses not on time, and sales reports late.

If your product or services delivery are not under your control, you also need to have a 360-degree view of your company’s logistics, and know about any delays or poor service.

“We know where the sales staff are instantly and constantly as we can see their location on the web portal; timesheets are online – there’s no more missing information.

“The staff using the Econz system are very happy with it as they feel their offices and managers are more responsive to their needs. HR is happy as they can track distances against fuel consumption and timesheets are all online.” Marltons Pet Products

Econz Timecard GPS and Timecard Lite, with nearly 30 management reports, bring you the following benefits:

  • Easy to use – works on any Apple or Android mobile device
  • You know where your staff are to the exact location, from your desk via a 24x7 web portal
  • Our breadcrumb trail shows you what route they used and when they arrived and left the customer
  • Clock in and clock out alerts
  • Sales reports can be customised, completed and sent to you after every call
  • Orders can be placed online
  • Low set up cost
  • Low monthly operating costs
  • Eliminates paper timesheets and integrate into most payroll systems
  • Almost instant ROI, and productivity
  • Reports may be used for dispute resolution, and even dismissal
  • Customised alerts may set for no shows, sickness, absenteeism etc, and allow you to send a substitute without delay
  • Speed trigger reduces speeding fines
  • Track mileage with breadcrumb trails
  • Team view available so you can track either individuals or your whole workforce

“Since introducing Econz Timecard GPS Lite we have scrapped all paper reporting, saving a great deal of management time, and ensuring that corrective measures can be taken where a sales person needs some guidance.” Purple Surgical