“Market conditions during 2015 were even more difficult than the previous year, driven not the least, by the downward spiraling of the Rand / Dollar exchange rate.  This continued to play havoc, in particular with non-food  products.  Many of its non-food clients suffered accordingly.  Fortunately, this was not the case with all non-food clients, especially those with brand leading consumable products, which enjoyed good sales growth based largely on brand power and value for money.” Doug Cresswell, SRS

One of the biggest challenges facing retailers today is labour issues. Productivity is also on the challenge list.

For merchandisers this may be an opportunity. As retailers struggle, merchandising staff can deliver more value and quality of service, thus taking some strain off the retailer.

Merchandising staff are out of office almost 100% of their time. Often, the merchandising company does not know how productive or efficient his team is, if they made the correct calls to the correct stores and if they have checked stock levels, arranged shelves to a specific Planogram, added merchandising materials, etc.

These are challenges that every merchandising company faces and in this highly competitive sector, retaining customers is key. For the retailer, sales are king. For the suppliers they want their products displayed to beat the competitors’ offerings.

In addition, merchandisers want to:

  • Track their mobile staff are at the correct destination
  • Check routes taken
  • Check fuel costs against routes
  • Check the job allocated has been done properly according to the suppliers’ wishes
  • Increase sales for the supplier and retailer
  • Increase supplier and retailer loyalty
  • Increase people management

With Econz Wireless and their suite of solutions, you can address all these issues with Timecard GPS and EServices. We provide Planograms and with our Photo and Signature ID features, immediate information can be sent back to head office. Our solutions will spot poor productivity, time theft and  lower fuel costs and increase cuatomer satisfaction.