The need for maintenance and upkeep of government infrastructure places constant demands on government agencies for efficient flow of communications. This pressure has revealed the usefulness of wireless technology for managing mobile workers and reducing paperwork. Whether it is Municipalities, Local or State Agencies, Econz Timecard GPS can help manage the demands of a mobile workforce.

South African citizens are increasing their demands and rights to service delivery of all areas – from electricity, water, education, transport, healthcare and housing. Their expectations are clear and civil protest is increasing across the country.

All levels of government are faced with not only providing a world-class infrastructure, but maintaining it to meet the needs of a growing population, the migration of rural citizens to cities, and the poor quality of many services being delivered.

When it comes to managing field workers and mobile employees, this task can be daunting at times. Numerous job locations, seasonal employees, documenting billable hours, recording breaks are all responsibilities of the employer. How is an organisation to manage workforce efficiently and productively without slowing down progress of the workers and/or the project at hand? Econz Wireless's Timecard GPS application is the answer.

Econz is currently installing Timecard GPS into the mobile devices of more than 1500 government field services workers and team managers. Easy to use, robust and reliable, the return on investment is almost immediate.