Increasing operating costs and competition have placed considerable pressure on logistics and distribution companies. This pressure has highlighted operating efficiency and workflow as key areas for making cost savings without compromising customer service. Econz Timecard GPS will improve customer service and reduce operating costs enabling distribution companies to retain customers and grow their business.

According to the CSIR Report “State of Logistics Report in South Africa 2013”:

“The performance and growth of the South African logistics industry are both inputs to and outflows from the performance and growth of the South African economy – especially in the primary and secondary sectors. The exchange rate, inflation rate and interest rate directly impact the cost performance of the industry. Other macro-economic issues such as the structure of the South African economy, balance of payments, budget deficits and the human resource problem affect the economy as a whole, which influences the demand for logistics services.

Simultaneously, the performance of the logistics industry – specifically the cost of logistics – has a bearing on the global competitiveness of South African industries.”

When it comes to managing field workers and mobile employees, allocating and tracking vehicles to be in the right place at the right time, checking the route taken, hours worked, breaks taken it is essential that management have the information 24x7. Numerous job locations, seasonal employees, documenting billable hours, recording breaks are all responsibilities of the employer.