If you and your company are operating in this sector, be it as a supplier to clinics and hospitals, nursing staff manager, hospital manager, community healthcare provider, pharmaceutics company, and more, Econz understands your pain points.

South Africa’s health care system is two-pronged: a large, under-resourced and overused public sector and a small, well-funded and well-equipped private sector. While the public sector provides health care for 80 percent of the population, it accounted for only 47.9 percent of total health care spending in 2012, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Of the disproportionally private-sector spending, 81 percent comes from private prepaid plans and about 14 percent from out of pocket (OOP) payments. Private insurance is unaffordable for the majority of the population unless they are enrolled in a corporate or private health insurance plan or medical aid scheme.

For those organisations which have mobile staff providing home care, community healthcare, sales staff visiting clinics, hospitals and doctors, or a nursing agency providing casual staff to clinics, many of the challenges are the same. For your mobile paramedic teams, Econz solutions provides an additional safety guard 24x7

Where are your staff

  • Are they on time in the correct place
  • Have they taken the shortest route
  • Are they absent – it could mean lives lost
  • Are your mobile teams safe
  • Have your sales staff visited their customers
  • Why has your revenue dropped this month
  • Have your community workers missed any houses
  • How do you cope with all these different timesheets, shifts, casual staff
  • Have they really worked overtime
  • How long did they spend at each location and can you prove it
  • Did you get a sales order, or patient record timeously