Construction in South Africa

Construction companies, whether large or small, are looking for an edge to cut costs and win business. When it comes to managing site workers and mobile employees, this task can be daunting at times.

In an industry plagued by labour unrest, every day lost costs thousands, if not millions, of Rands. Tracking your employees on site brings multiple challenges:

  • Numerous job locations
  • Seasonal employees
  • Documenting billable hours for standard or overtime
  • Recording breaks
  • Recording absenteeism
  • Struggling with timesheets
  • Managing job dispatch
  • Managing safety incidents
  • Labour laws
  • Theft of materials………………..The list goes on.

How is a company to manage their workforce efficiently and productively without slowing down progress of the workers and/or the project at hand?

Econz Wireless's products are the answer!

Econz Wireless mobile applications have been helping companies do this for over 10 years. Companies that have deployed Econz Solutions have seen tremendous returns on their investment. These companies have streamlined their time and attendance, been able to monitor their employees and the end result has caused their businesses to be financially stronger.

Econz has three solutions that address these issues:


So if it’s Time & Attendance, Employee Tracking, or Workforce and Job Management, we have cost efficient, easy to use, proven solutions that understand your industry and your specific needs, whether you have hundreds or a handful of employees.